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Helping You Bring Nature Home


is an award-winning landscape company
serving the counties of Hastings
, Northumberland and Prince Edward.


If you dream of a beautiful, functional and sustainable outdoor space that PROMOTES RELAXATION and enhances your 
CONNECTION WITH NATURELavish Gardens is the right fit for you. 

Together we will bring LIFE, NOURISHMENT and SUSTAINABILITY to your landscape.

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Children swimming in pond

Take the plunge into clean, healthy water that isn't filled with harsh chemicals. Opt for low-maintenance, year-round enjoyment for your family and friends.

Native perennial meadow

Reduce your landscape's carbon footprint. Become an environmental steward with an awe-inspiring naturalistic garden. Make a difference by creating wildlife habitats, recharging the aquifer and ensuring biodiversity.

Constructed waterfall

It's a fact that we are all naturally drawn to water. Bring your garden to life with an inviting oasis that promotes well-being, relaxation and tranquility right in your own backyard. 

Dry Creek Bed for Water Infiltration

Go Green! Turf grass is the least productive of all our plantings when it comes to biodiversity, rain water infiltration and maintenance costs. Recharge groundwater, save time and money, and create wildlife habitats with an appealing and functional lawn alternative.

Aquascape ecosystem pond


An ecosystem pond will provide your property with life, nourishment and sustainability. It will draw in a myriad of creatures that will provide pleasure for you and your family... The graceful sounds of a water feature are soothing and relaxing after a long day at work. Sit down and take it all in. 

Native plants


Restorative landscaping can reintroduce biodiversity into our newly built environments. We can help you create surroundings where humans and wildlife can coexist. Rewilding your landscape will get you and your family excited to unplug, head outside and connect with nature. 

Pollinator garden

Our landscapes can be a source for environmental change. We believe that if everyone did one single thing to improve their landscape's carbon footprint, not only the environment, but our own personal lives would be greatly enhanced.

Earth Pond - Farm Pond

Is the pond on your property a festering mess of sludge and algae? We can help remediate this situation and create an environment where people can swim and fish can live again. How? By addressing the cause of the eutrification process and introducing biological filtration and aeration to your pond. 

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at

Are you in alignment with our vision? We will design, build and maintain your landscape, while closely following ecological and sustainable approaches to all aspects of landscaping - from natural materials sourced from local suppliers, to horticultural practices that forgo the use of pesticides and herbicides. 

Image by Charles Smart


Our Design Studio is located at 2595 Stirling-Marmora Road in the beautiful village of Stirling, Ontario. Here, you will find pond maintenance products, aquatic plants, native plants and wildflower seeds, pollinator-related merchandise, dried flowers, wreaths and eco-friendly gifts.


You can also place an order for seasonal planters (spring/summer/fall/winter) and outdoor Christmas decor.


We strive to provide products that are Canadian and/or Fair Trade.

Goldfish Pond
Backyard Pond


"I love my backyard as it has come to life. The fish and frogs in the pond; the dragonflies that light on the lily pads; the bumble bees in the sage and echinacea, the finches in the magnolia; the robins bathing in the stream... I just love listening to the water rippling down the rocky waterfall. My backyard provides such peace and tranquility to the busyness of life. I gave them a clean sheet to work with, and I was truly blown away with their work."

Aquascape Coffee Table Book

"Lavish Gardens created a beautiful water feature for us - a 10ft x 15ft pond, with a 15ft stream. It is so much more than what we asked for! The construction team was pleasant, polite & very hard working in +30° heat. I would highly recommend the services provided by this landscaping business."

Wildflowers on garden slope

"Lavish Gardens has reclaimed my neglected gardens, resurrected my ponds and developed an excellent, imaginative plan which will turn my property into a place of beauty."

Natural swimming pool

"Karina did an amazing job this past summer in designing and building our pond. She and her staff were wonderful and so patient with us as they worked on our project. Her attention to detail was amazing and she gave us everything we asked for. We are very happy with the work she has done for us and plan to use her again in the future."

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