Pondless Waterfall in Autumn


If you live in the Belleville, Hastings, Quinte, Prince-Edward County areas, a lot of debris will be falling into your pond or water feature over the winter months. To avoid water quality issues, Lavish recommends a full clean-out of your pond or waterfall in the spring. This can be a pretty dirty job and we can help:

  • We will drain the water, taking care to remove your fish and store them safely aside during the cleaning.

  • We will rinse the rocks and gravel and pump out the grimy water.

  • Aquatic plants will be trimmed and fertilized as needed.

  • Rocks will be readjusted to ensure no liner is exposed.

  • Pump and water feature components will be installed.

  • Water and fish will be reintroduced to your pond.


In the fall, you need to decide whether you will shut down your waterfall for the winter or let it run. Waterfalls can be breathtaking in the winter but do require some maintenance to ensure the safety of your pump, such as topping off the water and making sure no ice dams form if you have a long or slow-moving stream connecting your waterfall and pond. We can help with:

  • Installing pond netting to protect it from fallen leaves.

  • Removing your pump and storing it away for winter.

  • Installing aerators and de-icers to keep your fish healthy over the winter.

  • Adding cold water bacteria to your pond.

Pond and Stream in Winter
Pond Plants


If you have a special event and you want your pond to look its best for your party, give us a call and we will come to:

  • trim aquatic plants

  • clean the skimmer net and filter mat

  • remove debris

  • replace any rocks and gravel as necessary

  • add additional water treatments if necessary

  • clean up the surrounding gardens and ensure your water feature looks amazing for your guests

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Send us a photo of your pond now for some advice: