large boulders with waterfall



We've compiled some ballpark figures to help you understand what your project may roughly cost. A precise, detailed estimate will be drafted that will take into consideration all the variables associated with your specific site.  Consultation, design and disposal fees will be in addition to the ballpark figures shown below.


$110K to 140k

The 'Essential' version of our recreation ponds are around

20' x 30' x 5' and feature aquatic plantings, steps, lighting, wetland filter and 6' waterfall. Small gardens will be installed surrounding the pond to naturalize it.

$140K to 175k

The 'Enhanced' swim pond will be around 24' x 40' x 5', feature specimen boulders, large overhanging stone slabs, additional waterfalls and complete surrounding gardens to fully naturalize your pond.

$180K and up

Upgrade even further with surrounding patios, rock gardens, more extravagant streams and waterfalls featuring large boulders, mature trees, sandy beaches, rock gardens and even islands.


$7K to 9K

Your small yard will be planted with herbaceous perennials and some shrubs. Depending on the site, we may include infiltration solutions such as a bioswales or dry creek beds. 


Your small-sized yard will be transformed into a wildlife oasis. With a rain garden, bioswales, natural dry creek bed for recharging groundwater as well as beautiful native shrubs that will provide ecosystem services

$15K and up

You have a larger piece of property that requires a more complex design. We will install a full garden with trees, evergreens, shrubs, perennials and appealing boulders, on top of elements that will recharge the aquifer.


$4K to 12K

Replace turf grass with small wildflower gardens on your property. Areas of interest could be a dry patch in the lawn, or a water logged area. Included are turf removal, plants, soil amendments and installation.

$12K to 20k

In this price range, a small meadow measuring between 1,000 and 1,200 s.f. can be installed. Factors that will affect the bottom line will be the kind of vegetation that is currently growing in the dedicated area and whether we will be installing perennial plugs or more mature plants. 

$20K and up

A full-scale meadow or grassland (2,500 s.f. and up).  This option will include everything from soil amendments to mulching plus one full season maintenance plan.


$12K to $20K

Add a small backyard pond to bring your gardens to life. Attract butterflies and songbirds, keep fish as pets and get the kids out to enjoy the outdoors. Includes aquatic plants, fish, and water treatment products.

$20K to 28K

Opt for a medium-sized pond (10 x 15') with a longer stream, beautiful waterfalls, specimen boulders, lighting and technologicall water treatment options. 

$35K and up

Make your pond as large or as deep as you want it to be, with complete garden plantings, pond side patios and paths, specialty fish, fountains, intake bays, bridges, large specimen boulders and full lighting elements.


$7K to 12K

We will install a small pondless water feature in your front or back yard for this ballpark price. Included are lighting, aquatic plantings and auto dosing system.

$15K to 25K

Opt for a medium-sized pondless feature (approximately 30 feet of waterfalls) with specimen boulders and surrounding plantings, feature and garden lighting, aquatic plants and technological water treatment options.

$29K to 55K and up

Opt for even taller waterfalls with longer streams if you have a large area that you would like naturalized. The bigger the rocks we will use and the plantings that will support your feature, the higher the cost of installation.


$500 to $800 per month

We will handle ongoing garden maintenance needs for your small property with front and backyard perennial gardens, various specimen tree and shrub plantings. Spring and fall openings, ongoing weeding, shrub pruning, mulching.

$800 to $1,200 per month

We will look after the maintenance of your mid-sized gardens from spring to fall -  tree and shrub pruning, plant health evaluation and remedial care, perennial division and transplant, weeding, soil amendments, mulching and seasonal containers.

$1,500K and up

Choose our team to handle your large urban or rural property with extensive front and backyard perennial gardens, specimen plantings, hedges, etc.