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This massive waterfall was designed as a focal point to the entrance of the most locally reputable landscape supply company to support a new 15' LED roadside sign. The feature was built in November of 2020 using huge granite boulders ranging in size from 250 lbs to 10,000 lbs. The goal was for the waterfalls to be an impressive display to attract the attention of drivers heading north and south on this Ontario highway. Three different features comprising in about 100' of waterfalls and streams, with a total elevation of about 10' and a stunning stone bridge, is an astounding feature that has set the community abuzz. Since the build was completed, the new lit sign has been erected, and casts a beautiful warm glow over the feature at night. Evergreens, trees, shrubs, native wildflowers and aquatic plants were installed to naturalize the feature. We look forward to seeing this beauty come into her own as the plantings mature and soften the rock work in years to come, and the feature and native plantings become a source of food and water for local birds and pollinators. 

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