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Lawnless front yard



Challenge conformity and join the no-mow movement!


No, grass is not at all "greener". Did you know that there are 6.2 million lawns in Canada? According to David Suzuki, "Converting just one-quarter of each lawn would equal around 14,400 hectares of habitat for pollinators." Every year across the country, people use trillions of gallons of water to irrigate their lawns, hundreds of millions of gallons of gas for mowing and millions of pounds of pesticides and herbicides to keep those lawns as green or greener than their neighbour's. 

Turf grass is also devoid of food or habitat for pollinators and other wildlife. Not only do they provide zero benefit, they can also cause harm to fish, wildlife and humans from the movement of pesticides through storm water run off into streams, rivers and lakes.

Make the change! Whether you convert your entire lawn or only some parts of it like areas where grass is difficult to grow because of shade, drought or water logging, it can and will make a difference. Here are a few lawn alternative options to think about:

Rain Garden

Rain gardens are planted areas that allow rainwater to permeate into the ground rather than run off into surface waters. The technical term for using plants for water infiltration is "bioretention". Aside from aesthetic appeal, the benefits include a recharged aquifer, decreased flooding, enhanced wildlife habitat and reduced carbon footprint.  

Garden for wildlife

Pollinators play an important role in ecosystems. Not only honey bees, but hundreds of native bees, predatory insects, birds, bats, and other animals play a role in pollination. They form the base of the food webs that sustain the world and are made vulnerable from human interference with the natural world. A well-designed pollinator garden will do a lot to help these tiny minions of the natural world.

stormwater management

Water absorbing features like dry creek beds, bioswales and dry wells are designed to capture stormwater and slow down the flow rate from your property. Rainscaping can have both aesthetic and functional value.

Front Yard Water Feature


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