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Natural swim ponds are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional swimming pools. Designed to blend in with nature, they are a self-sustaining natural ecosystem that uses wetland filtration and oxygenation through waterfalls to ensure clean, healthy water. They are relatively low-maintenance, do not rely on harsh chemicals, and provide beauty and hours of entertainment while enhancing the natural setting of your landscape. Opt for a natural, peaceful, healthy environment your whole family can enjoy year-round.

Professional Certified Aquascape Contractor

This natural ecosystem swimming pond built by Lavish Gardens features a 40’ x 25’ main pond with intake bay, a 10’ x 10’ upper pond, a wetland filtration system and waterfalls. The wetland and waterfalls flow into the upper pond which is shallow and features four sitting boulders – this is an area where people can sit by the waterfalls and enjoy the water much like a hot tub. The upper pond flows into the main pond under an 11’ long stone bridge. The main pond is 5’ deep and holds koi and shubunkin fish, which help maintain the ecosystem and provide aesthetic and recreational value. Bottom jets serve to ensure that there are no stagnant, anaerobic areas within the pond. Gardens with trees, shrubs, perennials, and native plants were installed surrounding the feature to tie in with the previously installed meadow and the new pavilion. 

Natural Swim Pond.JPG


While natural swim ponds are certainly not maintenance free, they do not require as much maintenance as a traditional swimming pool. Your natural pool will not need to be serviced multiple times per season with harsh chemicals. Plants and healthy bacteria do most of the work for you!

Natural Swimming Pool in Winter


Traditional swimming pools are covered up 8 months of the year and the space they occupy is rendered useless during fall, winter and spring. Your natural swim pond will provide you enjoyment throughout all the seasons. 

Wetland Filter on Natural Swimming Pond


Not only will you do away with the chlorine, salt and bromide, but you will be able to delight in the company of aquatic creatures such as frogs, fish and dragonflies, who will make your pool their home. 

Recreation Pond with Waterfall and Stone Bridge


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