Just imagine....

...a meandering stream, cascading waterfalls, natural rock settings, the sound of water trickling over rocks...

Your own little piece of paradise, right in your backyard.

Our clients tell us that their professionally built water feature has made their backyards come to life, and has changed their own lives in the process:

 "The fish and frogs in the pond; the dragonflies that light on the lily pads; the bumble bees in the sage and echinacea, the finches in the magnolia; the robins bathing in the stream... I just love listening to the water rippling down the rocky waterfall. My backyard provides such peace and tranquility to the busyness of life," says Mary Jane. 


Water features will provide your property with life, nourishment and sustainability. A fully functioning ecosystem pond will draw in a myriad of creatures that will provide pleasure for you and your family... The graceful sounds of a water feature are soothing and relaxing after a long day at work. Sit down and take it all in.


And what is the greatest benefit? Your kids and grand-kids will now be


Adults, kids, wildlife - it's a fact of life that we are all naturally drawn to water!


Ecosystem Ponds

A low-maintenance pond relies on a balanced ecosystem, which should support and nourish the pond and keep it clean and beautiful. The key is to find the balance that Mother Nature intended. An efficient filtration system keeps the water oxygenated and flowing, cleaning the pond of harmful debris. Aquatic plants feed off of the nutrients that form in the water. Fish fulfill their role in the ecosystem by feeding on algae. Rocks and gravel ensure sufficient surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and feed on excess nutrients in the water. We make sure these parts are working together so your pond will flourish with its own self-sustaining ecosystem. 

How it works:
How it Works - Ecosystem Pond: skimmer, biofalls, pump, piping, rocks and gravel, pond liner and underlayment, plants and fish

Pondless Waterfalls

A Pondless Waterfall consists in water being recirculated through an underground basin or reservoir. It is extremely low-maintenance and energy efficient and attracts a variety of wildlife such as frogs, birds and pollinators. 

The waterfall itself can be a soft, cascading stream of water or a more dramatic waterfall with added height. Pondless waterfalls can be installed in a variety of sizes and are the ideal choice to bring the soothing sound of running water into your garden, whether you have very limited space or a larger area to contend with. Our clients all love relaxing by their waterfall after a long day's work!

How it works:
How it works - pondless watefall: spillway, rocks and gravel, waterfall vault, pump, aquablox, pond liner and underlaymen, piping
Medium 16ft Pondless Waterfall_02 (1).jp


Decorative fountains, bubbling rocks and spillway bowls are a great way to add life to your garden without taking too much space. You can enjoy the soothing sounds and sights of water by placing one near your deck or patio. Attract hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies by tucking one in your garden. Or enhance your curb appeal by placing one as an artistic focal point near your front door. You could go all out by letting us design a stunning multi-fountainscape with urns, rocks AND spillway bowls!

With so many easy-to-care-for options, these recirculating systems are affordable, economic and customizable. A great way to enhance your outdoor space without breaking the bank. 

How it works:
how it works - garden fountain: stacked slate urn, plants, river rocks, piping, aquabasin, pump
Stacked Slate Urn with fire insert in garden

Earth... Wind... Water... What are we missing? Did you know that Aquascape offers a Fire insert to turn your existing water fountain into a fire fountain? Ask us about how we can help you with introducing the warmth of a flame into your landscape.

Stacked Slate Sphere night shots with fire insert
Certified Aquascape Contractor logo

Lavish is a Certified Aquascape™ Contractor (CAC). CACs are the most qualified and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry. All CACs are required to attend continual training and education seminars and maintain a proven record of outstanding work and dedicated customer service and support. 



We can help keep your pond clean and your fish happy!

Even though the ponds we install are very low-maintenance, there are a few important tasks that need to be done, such as the Spring opening of your pond and the Fall shutdown.

We also offer a full season maintenance package to ensure that your water feature remains completely maintenance-free for you, and is always looking its very best.


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