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lilypads in ecosystem pond


We're only looking for some landscape drawings. Is that something you offer as a service?

As a Design Build company, we are usually only interested in developing drawings for our own teams to build. We believe that our crews and subcontractors are best equipped to provide exceptional results. However, if your project is of special interest to us and/or you are located too far away to travel to, we may, in special cases, agree to develop drawings that your own landscapers can execute.

I have a design, will you and your team install it for us?

No. Our schedule is already full with our own installations!

Do you offer lawn care services?


Do you offer snow removal services?


Do you install walkways, patios, paths, steps and retaining walls?

In certain cases, yes - when the overall project is well-aligned with our vision. If the scope of your project only requires hardscape elements, we may find that another contractor would be better suited to your needs.

What does your sales process look like?



    After your initial contact with our company, we will schedule a 10-15 minute phone consultation with the owner, Karina, to ensure that we                          understand your goals and to assess whether we might be a good fit for your project. During this phone call, we'd like to hear about your wish-list,          site challenges, anticipated project timelines, and investment and cost expectations. We'll then evaluate whether or not a face-to-face meeting at      your property is the logical next step.


     We charge $200 non-refundable consultation fee for in-person consultations.

A) Garden/Pond Maintenance or Renovation:

     We require that all the key decision makers be present at this in-person meeting.

     During the in-person meeting, we will provide: horticultural and design advice on your  existing gardens and/or a technical assessment of your               water feature.

     These discussions usually take place in the garden, and the conversation will mostly revolve around the garden's needs, issues, the frequency of           visits that will be required, and average expenditures. We may suggest broad ideas to improve or redesign your existing gardens, provide                           horticultural advice about existing plants and flower beds, as well as possible solutions to your garden problems.

     If the consultation is about an existing water feature, we will perform a technical assessment of your water feature, as well as discuss problems             and possible solutions for improvement.

     If we find that we may not be the best fit for your project at this time, we will recommend other quality landscapers who may be better able to                 serve your needs. The consultation fee is non-refundable. The homeowner is advised to take notes during the in-person consultation as a written         report from our company is not included in the consultation fee.

     If, however, we mutually find that we are well aligned, we will proceed to scheduling the maintenance work on a time and materials basis. In the              case where a complete garden or pond renovation is required, we will decide whether a free estimate or a more detailed design (at an additional            cost) is most appropriate. In this case, the consultation fee will be reimbursed towards your design or renovation project.


     We require that all the key decision makers be present at this in-person meeting.

     At this meeting, we will delve further into who we are and what we can do for you, your expectations and requirements for this project, budgets               allocated to the project, design costs and information regarding subsequent meetings. The objective of the meeting is to determine if it makes             sense for us to work together and whether we are well-aligned.

     If, for whatever reason, we mutually decide that another company would be better suited to serve you during the initial in-person consultation, we         will refer you to other quality local contractors and the consultation fee will become non-refundable.

     If we agree to move forward, we will proceed to the design process.


     Upon receiving a design retainer, we will set the date and time for our next meeting. This meeting can be in-person or through Zoom. Initial                     drawings paint a broad stroke and focus on the main design elements and space management. The goal is to not delve too far into an idea before         checking in with the customer and making sure we're on the same page. The drawings become more detailed with each revision. The number of           meetings varies with each client. Typically, we can have a solid plan and an itemized quotation in 2 to 3 meetings. At the end of the process, you             will have a complete plan with detailed plant list, full estimate and colour-printed mood boards.

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