Frequently asked questions

Do water features require a lot of water?

Water features re-circulate water so you don't need a water source and they do not waste any water. Aside from the initial filling up of your water feature, and occasional water top offs, they will require very little additional water. We can also install your water feature with a rainwater harvesting system to capture the rain water from your roof and store it underground for use in your pondless waterfall or fountain, as well as to irrigate your gardens.

I've heard that water features are breeding grounds for mosquitos. Is that true?

Since mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnant water, the rippling effect of your water feature will not attract biting insects to your garden. It will attract all sorts of beautiful wildlife like birds, frogs, dragon flies or butterflies though!

Do you provide free estimates?

As our company is growing, we are getting more and more inquiries from people interested in our services. The cost associated with driving to see every single person who called and sat down to write down all these free estimates would drive us out of business. Besides, if we did that we would not have the time to service our existing clients or those prospective clients who want us to work with them. The ideas and suggestions that we can give you for your property, the writing up of an estimate or drawing of the design that your estimate is based on is a valuable professional service that we are able to provide based on our many years' experience in the industry. Our professional fee for a garden/landscape design starts at $750. It includes hand drawn plans, full plant list, complete estimate and colour-printed mood boards.

Do you have a consultation fee?

Yes, we charge a small $100 consultation fee for garden and water feature consultations. We will drive to your home and meet with you for a one-hour on-site consultation during which we will provide horticultural and design advice on your garden or design/technical assessments of your water feature. The homeowner is advised to take notes. GARDEN CONSULTATIONS: During the one hour garden consultations, we will discuss Design ideas for new gardens Discuss ideas to improve or redesign your existing gardens Help with picking the right shrubs and trees for your yard Horticultural advice about existing plants and flower beds Solutions to your garden problems WATER FEATURE CONSULTATION: During the one hour water feature consultation, we will discuss the most desirable and appropriate place for the installation of a new water feature and answer all your technical questions. If the consultation is about an existing feature, we will assess your water feature, and discuss problems and possible solutions for improvement. __________ If you decide to go ahead with a design (at an additional fee) for the landscape or water feature installation we discussed, this consultation fee will be put towards the cost of your estimate or your installation. In certain cases, we can proceed to an estimate without additional cost to your consultation, depending on the various factors involved.

Are you insured?

Yes. We carry $ 2,000,000.00 liability insurance and are fully WSIB compliant.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes! We offer: a 2-year guarantee on hardscaping (stone, pavers etc.) a 2-year guarantee on water features a 1-year guarantee on plant material (if you have a fully-functioning irrigation system)

How much does a professionally installed water feature cost?

We can design fountainscapes, ecosystem ponds and pondless waterfalls to fit just about any size or budget!