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ecosystem-pond with waterlily


We were contacted by these clients to completely transform their newly built suburban property's landscape. We started with a blank slate, removed large portions of the lawn, and installed an ecosystem pond and gardens that included many native plants, shrubs and trees. As soon as the project was completed, the clients were delighted to see wildlife starting to visit their property. Their new gardens becoming a haven for dragonflies, birds and amphibians! 

Beautiful Lotus flower buds
Daylilies surrounding ecosystem pond
koi and goldfish
Small ecosystem pond with plantings
Bumble Bee on geranium in Trenton, Ontario
Lotus in ecosystem pond Ontario
Sitting by the pond is relaxing
Rewilding a suburban yard in Trenton Ontario
ecosystem pond lit at night
koi pond with waterlily
aeration in ecoststem pond
wildflower plantings
frog habitat
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