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The Aquascape AquaBlox small water storage module displaces water for use with the Pondless Waterfall reservoirs, rainwater harvesting projects, and other various water feature applications. AquaBlox are manufactured using recycled materials and designed to efficiently maximize water storage capacity, providing the ability to hold more water with a smaller reservoir footprint. Each small AquaBlox will hold a total volume of 17 gallons of water. Holding approximately 7.4 gallons of water per cubic foot, the small AquaBlox allows over 3 times more water storage capacity then gravel. This extra storage capacity will mean less time needed to top off the reservoir due to evaporation. Using AquaBlox will also decrease the amount of labour, liner, and underlayment required during installation in a wide variety of situations. Aquascape AquaBlox are easy to clean, less prone to clogging, and come complete with the top, bottom, two sides, and four structural supports.

AquaBlox Small Water Storage Module

SKU: 29491
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